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At the same Rengsdorff location, I recently found Grimaud Farms smoked Muscovy duck breast and duck leg confit. Both are delicious and under $8 per package - yum!

After reading Amanda's comment, I had to try Costco's duck confit for myself. Delightful!

I've always been impressed with the Costco buyers. They really seem to know their stuff. I'll have to take a closer look at the cheeses next time.

Not exactly health food, but they sell the original "Cheesecake Factory" brand cheesecakes for $12 or $14, vs. the $43 original :-)

I used to know a guy who brokered meat. No kidding. He sat (figuratively of course) between the stockyards and the big food retailers, and put them together for giant meat contracts. Anyway, he would tell me on several occassions that Costco sells the highest grade meat available outside of high end butchers, and that it is the place to go for great meat. Comment #2: I don't know anyone who brokers pies, but Costco's carmel apple pie (every store has 'em) is ridiculously good. They're a good 12" in diameter and if you bring one home with a five gallon bucket of ice cream, you'll eat for a month. Mangia.

Mitch -- agreed, Costco has excellent quality meats, and at warehouse-style pricing (even when you only buy a "normal" portion). For example I have purchased filet mignon there that is top-notch, yet literally half the price of what I'd pay at our local high-end grocer. If not for the overhead of warehouse shopping, I'd probably buy most of my meat there.

I'm also with you that the Costco pies are surprisingly good. I suppose the fact that they are extremely fresh, made on premises, makes up for the fact that they are baked en masse in the back of a warehouse!

Tom, Costco currently has Copper River sockeye from Alaska for $10.99 a pound and Filet Mignon for the same price. Though the Copper River is a little over-hyped in general, for $10.99 a pound it is definitely worth it!

Great tip, thanks David!

We like the croissants! By themselves they are mediocre but combined with other costco ingredients you can make delicious sandwiches. Our croissant combination of the week is comprised of prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, an over easy egg, rosemary salt (found at the farmer's market on the embarcadero), butter lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes, and pepper in between a toasted costco croissant. I found that toasting the prosciutto on one side and the cheese on the other makes it extra delicious. YUM!

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