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Nice seeing you at The Counter. That place is definitely going to only get bigger and more popular. Reminded me of the Starbucks of Burgers: high priced, good quality and upscale. I was a little disappointed with the taste of the burger but that could have been from my crappy combination skills;)

Overall I would go back and get the sweet potato fries.

Went there for lunch on Thursday. The enthusiastic burger lover sitting at the next table had been there for lunch EVERY day that week--and it was opening week!

Another "secret" I have found for getting a really good burger is to order one in a high end restaurant. It's surprising how many very good restaurants actually have a hamburger on the menu along with their various steaks. You can almost guarantee a burger with a "steak" flavor :)

Being a flexitarian (new term I heard someone else use), I don't eat hamburgers generally. Actually I don't eat much meat, but I think it might be worth checking out Chez Mamon's burgers based on other's raves and how incredibly luscious their lamb sausage and roasted chicken are. They have several locations in SF, I've been to the Union St one.

Oops, misspelled. It's Chez Maman

They were featured in the most Spring-Summer 2006 issue of Dining Out SF as a Casual-French restaurant. Their burgers at the original Portero Hill location is what garnered them a loyal word-of-mouth following.

Atmosphere is important and for me burgers mean the Oasis and the Dutch Goose. Personally, I don't want to eat one at a modern place like the Counter.

I had a counter burger and a half and half fries and onion rings on April 20, 2007. I arrived at the restaurant at about 3 minutes to twelve. The place was about 60% full and had two people waiting for tables. It took about 8 minutes to place my order. The order arrived thirty minutes later. I was very disappointed in my near 15 dollar investment. The hamburger was room temperature and on a roll that was fresh out of the package and without the benefit of any heat. The beef was so lean as to be nearly without flavor. The fries were about 3/4 as good as McDonalds, and were lukewarm. I really do not think that they rate very high on the burger scale at all.
Sincerely, Rick

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