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Maybe they use white chocolate for wrestling because it's not really chocolate wouldn't want to waste the good stuff!

Frighteningly enough, the guys who run supperclub in SF are old friends of mine from Stanford. I haven't made my way up there yet though.

Chris, I knew you were involved somehow! Fess up, Chocaholic is your brainchild, right?!

That's right folks - chocolate is the theme! Our new Chef Jon Stevens' has developed an amazing flight of chocolaty tastes. Each course is infused with a bit of chocolate (e.g., dayboat scallops in a white lavender chocolate sauce). Chocolate visuals, tasting, music, performances, etc. Response has been very positive, so we are extending "chocaholic" through the end of the month. Plus, white chocolate syrup wrestling - tonight only! Chris, get on down here!

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